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Ceremonies for other life events...

Naming ceremony


Welcoming a new family member is an exciting and joyous event which can be acknowledged in a special, non-religious celebration.

Naming Ceremonies can include:         

         Naming of the Child 
         Promises/Vows from parents/family/friends
         Hopes and Dreams for the future
         Candle lighting or other rituals
         Signing and presentation of commemorative certificates


Renewal of vows

Renewal of Vows

Renewal or reaffirmation of vows is an opportunity for couples to reflect on the past they have shared and their plans for the future. It may be linked to a significant event in the couples' relationship or lives.

The Renewal Ceremony can include:
         Poetry and/or readings
         Reaffirmation of vows
         Exchange of rings or gifts
         Signing and presentation of a commemorative certificate

Commitment ceremony



For various reasons a couple may not wish to legally marry, yet still want to publicly acknowledge their feelings for each other and their commitment to their relationship.

A Commitment Ceremony can include:

           Promises/vows for the couple
           Exchange of Rings or Gifts

           Words of support from family/friends
           Signing and presentation of 
commemorative certificates


Funeral celebrant


A funeral service allows us to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one, support each other in our grieving and begin to come to terms with the loss of a beloved family member or friend.


A funeral service can include:

          A reflection on the person's life history and achievements

          A eulogy by a family member or friend

          Readings and poems

          Significant music or pictures

          Ceremonies and rituals

          Words of commital

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